Tatine Petite 3oz Scented Candles

  • up to 16 hours burn time
  • tinted black with ingredients extracted from vegetable oils that are both Prop65 and REACH compliant.
  • inky black when lit, a light grey crystallization or texture may appear on the unlit candle surface. This is considered a unique part of working with natural colorants. No traces of petroleum-derived paraffin.
  • made in Chicago
  • by Tatine 



  • Flowers on the Hillside: "Oakmoss mixes with rose oil and geranium bourbon  leading to a dry down of lemon oil."
  • Laurel Canyon: "Aromas of cannabis, juicy apricots, and rustic suede."
  • Morning Sun: " Mild spicy hints of pink peppercorn and timur pepper deliver deep red grapefruit notes perfumed with sweet intoxicating orange blossoms"
  • One Rainy Wish: " White cedar and woody base notes sprinkled with rosemary, bergamot, and mandarin oil lead to a bright and clean fragrance."
  • Bitter Orange/Lavender: "Tart Seville Orange oil, marmalade, and orange bitters are beautifully blended with Barreme lavender.
  • Pine: "The bright scent of pine needles. A hint of the holidays to come."
  • The Coast Road: "Salty mandarin zest, Italian lemon and soft sage."

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