Nippon Kodo

Elemense Incense

5 scents available:
  • Kiyobi - Inspired by the Fire element. Key notes: agarwood, cedarwood, sandalwood and hinoki
  • Sekishin - Inspired by the Metal element. Key notes: pink pepper, everlasting, ciste, agarwood
  • Tetsukon - Inspired by the Water element. Key notes: bergamot, violet, cedarwood, agarwood 
  • Nukubai - Inspired by the Earth element. Key notes: vanilla, tobacco, patchouli, sandalwood
  • Suou - Inspired by the Wood element: muget, oak moss, amber, and sandalwood
  • Burn time is approximately 30 minutes per incense stick
  • Included in box: 40 incense sticks and square metal incense holder
  • By Elemense

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