Artel Crystal Rocks Bublinka Glass

Artel Crystal Rocks Bublinka Glass

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A single old fashioned glass.

Beautiful handblown and etched crystal highball glass with a bubble pattern.

By Artel Glass, LLC. in the Czech Republic. 

About Artel Glass:

ARTĚL crystal is painstakingly handcrafted by a team of highly skilled Czech artisans using only traditional production methods. After each piece is mouth-blown to achieve the desired shape, it is decorated using one or more techniques. Remarkably, these decorative techniques are practiced entirely “freehand” – that is, our skilled artisans use no more than hand-applied markings as a guide to producing even our most intricately detailed patterns or designs. Given the slight irregularities of mouth-blown crystal, this means not only that motifs must be individually adjusted for every piece, but also that no two ARTĚL pieces are ever exactly alike.